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Building skills to access opportunity

The Adecco Group launched Modis Academy in 2019 – an alliance between two of our lead brands, Modis and General Assembly – as a digital talent incubator and skills accelerator. Modis Academy offers candidates with a passion for technology the opportunity to upskill themselves and be matched with potential employers.

With a mandate to advance employment opportunities, build talent pools in areas of skills scarcity, and support candidates to the next level of their careers, Modis Academy enrols high-potential individuals to be trained for real-life roles through either a virtual “Remote Flex” programme, or the full-time “Immersive” experience.

Training programmes are tailored based on the exact type of positions that businesses are seeking, so graduates can immediately step into in-demand roles. This talent incubation model enables Modis to support clients in finding talent for hard-to-fill positions in areas such as data science, coding and software development, and artificial intelligence.

The programme is testament to the potential of the Adecco Group’s ecosystem, and the Group’s focus on harnessing portfolio synergies to create value for our stakeholders.

Donya’s story

I am 32 and I started bartending when I was 23. After graduating from the Modis Academy I feel as though I have been given a new start in life. The Modis Academy team are like family to me. Their support for my success was unwavering. After completing the Modis Academy web development course I was able to secure a job as a .net developer for a digital real estate platform in Atlanta. I now no longer have a job, I have a career. Modis and General Assembly have truly changed my life.

The Modis Academy team are like family to me. Their support for my success was unwavering.

The 360° ecosystem at work

Following the acquisition of Banco Popular, Banco Santander needed to undergo a large-scale workforce transformation initiative. With a mandate to both minimise the social impact of the programme and improve the future employability of the affected employees, the Adecco Group was uniquely positioned to support the client holistically through our 360° HR solutions ecosystem.

To meet the complete needs of the client, the Adecco Group designed a comprehensive solution that covered career transition, upskilling and reskilling, temporary staffing, professional staffing and outsourcing across multiple geographies. Adecco Group brand LHH, the market leader in career transition designed and implemented a professional training programme in collaboration with Adecco Training and Modis to upskill and reskill employees. Through Adecco Outsourcing, we are working to place employees into new roles. In addition, Santander is benefiting from the Group’s staffing and professional recruitment expertise through our Adecco and Spring Professional brands in several countries.

Not only did the programme achieve the workforce transformation and cost-saving objectives for the bank, the Adecco Group has been able to enable new career prospects for more than 3,000 employees. With a more complete service offering than any other human capital company, this success underlines the benefit that the Group’s holistic approach can deliver.

Alfredo’s story

“When we embarked on our workforce transformation programme we faced multiple challenges. The Adecco Group brought knowledge, expertise and solutions to the table. It was comforting to work with one experienced partner who deeply understood our situation and could not only advise us on the right path, but also deliver the services we needed.”

Alfredo Fraile Navas, Head of HR Strategy, Santander España

The Adecco Group brought knowledge, expertise and solutions to the table.

Empowering our people to do what they love

The PERFORM way of working was rolled out to 10,000 colleagues globally in 2019, with an aggressive ramp-up plan in place for 2020. The UK was one of the early adopters of the PERFORM methodology and has now taken the next step to digitise the process by fully integrating it with the new front office tool. The initiative has not only improved the impact of PERFORM, it has also increased InFO adoption and delivered significant productivity improvements – resulting in higher client satisfaction.

This integration of the GrowTogether tools has improved the quality of branch activity. Transactional NPS is now measured in real-time after every placement and has increased from 15 in 2018 to 23 in 2019, which the team attributes to the new way of working.

Laura’s story

“I run the largest Adecco branch in the greater London area. I joined Adecco more than 20 years ago and stayed because I’m passionate about helping people find fulfilling careers. Perhaps the biggest change I have seen in my own career is the shift that GrowTogether has brought to the branches. The combination of the PERFORM way of working, with the InFO technology platform, has transformed the branch from analogue to digital. We used to huddle around the white board and then spend time with each team member planning their day. Today we have a data-driven culture. We can assess sales performance based on real-time analytics and have the visibility to know when we need to up our game to make sure we hit our numbers. Client visits are up more than 30%. Behaviour has changed and people are more accountable. But perhaps the most important shift is in how the new digital tools have given us the insights – and the time – to build deeper client and candidate relationships. We feel it in our interactions, and we see it in our Net Promoter Scores. GrowTogether has been a gamechanger for the branch.”

Laura Edwards, Executive Business Manager, Adecco Retail London

Nothing drives me more than working with our clients to help them secure the best talent. GrowTogether has cut the red tape and given me next-gen tools so I can spend more time helping our clients succeed.

Working well

While the need for companies to look after the health and wellbeing of their employees is widely recognised, many companies are unsure how to craft a workforce wellness program that is effective and takes a holistic view of wellbeing. The Adecco Group is no exception. The Adecco Group Foundation’s social innovation lab thus set out to tackle this challenge to create a more holistic model that could benefit employers – and employees – across all sectors and industries. At the heart was the necessity to better understand the needs of employees, both permanent and temporary, looking at what employers could do to promote wellbeing at each stage of their journey. To foster broad-based adoption of employee wellness practices, the Foundation used research and design-thinking to create the Workforce Vitality model. It is designed to encourage a holistic approach to wellbeing inside institutions and organisations. We are currently testing the model in different contexts to ensure it works effectively across various types of employers, before launching it in the public domain later in 2020. Test groups to date have included Adecco Group brands and country offices, as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Dan’s story

“For me, a key learning was that not every solution needed to complex or truly innovative. It became clear that our consultants often desired support that was very achievable and which we could quickly and easily implement. We were indirectly improving the value proposition for our clients by providing our consultants with the best environment possible in which to operate.”

Dan Credand, Head of Client Services, Pontoon

A positive working environment has a profound impact on job satisfaction and productivity, and on wider society.