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Our mission is to make the future work for everyone…

…ensuring that people across the globe are inspired, motivated, trained and developed to embrace the future of work. To be in environments where they are empowered to thrive, stimulated to succeed and given every chance to make their individual futures better and brighter than ever before.

Workplaces worldwide are changing, so it is time to push against traditional ways of thinking. There is no longer a norm to conform to. Whatever our business, whatever our sector, we must look to the future and be ready to rise to the challenges. We must familiarise ourselves with the workplace landscape ahead and start building the foundations of the organisational changes it may demand, and the opportunities it will offer.

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  1. Global megatrends are changing the world of work

    Employees want to work when, where and how they wish, doing the work that matches their skills, interests and compensation needs.

    Employers will employ workers to meet carefully defined needs, through a broad range of relationships across all skill levels.

  2. The Adecco Group is taking the lead in this transformation

    We are reshaping the world of work, reinventing how we deliver our services, and developing and acquiring new capabilities.

    We provide innovative solutions that enable employers to flexibly manage their workforces and employees to flexibly manage their careers, while safeguarding security for all in the labour market.

  3. New employment models bring exciting growth opportunities

    We are the leading global provider of HR solutions but have only 5% share of our core market and less than 2% share of the addressable market for flexible and permanent HR solutions.

    Strengthening and expanding our service offerings will allow us to grow revenues even if economic growth remains modest.

  4. Higher value, lower costs, less capital will drive shareholder returns

    By combining data, technology and talent, we increase our value to clients and candidates and strengthen our competitive position.

    Digitising our processes reduces our cost-to-serve, and improves our capital efficiency. This will help us to expand our operating margin and generate strong cash flow.

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