We are making the future work…

For clients

As more and more companies realise the value in investing in the up/reskilling of their existing workforces to adapt to the demands of a rapidly-changing world of work, the Adecco Group’s recently acquired, leading ‘in-demand skills’ education brand General Assembly (GA) has partnered with international insurer BNP Paribas Cardif to train 1,200 of its employees in Paris and beyond over five years, or by 2022.

Nathalie Dore, BNP Paribas Cardif Chief Digital & Acceleration Officer, says the company is adopting an agile approach to workforce management and is ‘starting to act as a learning company’. Dore praises the progress and impact of the employee training partnership with GA after just six months.

For the France-based company, working with GA is not just an investment in the future performance of their teams and business, but also represents a meaningful and positive contribution to the future of the French and global economy, by helping to address new skills and talent scarcity created by digital transformation.

“Not only are the satisfaction rate scores excellent, but the measurement of skills before and after shows the high impact of the GA courses on our employees.” Nathalie Dore, Chief Digital & Acceleration Officer, BNP Paribas Cardiff

For candidates

In today’s evolving world of work, many workers have to change jobs several times throughout their careers and need expert support to make the right transitions.

Cengi Nihal’s career, since moving to France from Turkey, tells this story vividly. Her working life has taken her across the country and varied from service technician to producing, patenting and selling home-made ravioli, then working as a teacher in a priority education zone.

Her first contact with the Adecco Group came through a recruitment fair in the Greater Paris region, where our leading workforce solutions brand Adecco was promoting careers with French automotive manufacturer Renault.

With Adecco’s guidance, Cengi landed a permanent contract as a production manager in a Renault factory near Paris. She has since stepped up into different projects within the factory, and her son has also joined the firm as a service technician.

“I’ve had the best possible support from Adecco.” Cengi Nihal, Renault employee, Paris

For our people

The Adecco Group is committed to being a centre of excellence for its employees around the world, empowering them to develop and reach their own personal career goals, and to contribute in a meaningful way to our purpose of making the future work for everyone.

Mariem Elgaid joined Adecco Tunisia 17 years ago and has grown within the company to help it become one of the leaders in human resource management in the North African nation.

Mariem, who studied psychology, says having a love for your profession and identifying with a company’s values are crucial to happiness and success at work. Working for Adecco Tunisia as a recruitment manager has enabled her to turn her career dreams into a reality.

She gains the most satisfaction from the personal connection of helping others – candidates, clients, colleagues and managers – reach their goals. That means listening carefully to their needs, diagnosing the best way to offer the right support. It’s not just about changing the lives of others for the better, but also contributing to the positive development of companies and the Tunisian economy.

“This is a chance to do a job that we love and believe in.” Mariem Elgaid, Recruitment Manager, Adecco Tunisia

For society

The Adecco Group joined the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Corporate Support Group to help support and enhance the ICRC Disability, Sport and Inclusion Programme in current or recent conflict zones in 2017.

The ICRC’s Disability Sport & Integration Advisor – international wheelchair basketball coach Jess Markt – and experts from the Adecco Group quickly saw an opportunity to develop the relationship beyond financial support to hands-on collaboration in helping people with disabilities in very challenging environments build their employability and find jobs.

This year, the partnership launched a new job acquisition training curriculum that will be rolled out to ICRC inclusion officers around the world in 2019, giving them the tools they need to train disabled athletes in areas such as self-assessment, writing resumes, job searches and conducting interviews.

The Adecco Group and ICRC will also seek to leverage their respective networks in government and education – along with the Adecco Group’s deep pool of employer and professional societies and bodies – in order to “create larger-scale social change”, according to Markt. The goal is not just to empower individuals to change their own futures, but for diverse societies to change the way they think about and support people with disabilities in the world of work.

“The biggest boon to this programme is that we’ve been able to integrate the Adecco Group’s expertise and network to create larger-scale social change.” Jess Markt, Disability Sport & Integration Advisor , ICRC