Our Strategic Agenda

Perform means continuing to deliver growth…

…in the cost-disciplined, returns-focused way that we always have. It is about how we deliver the results, not just the outcome. That means embedding proven concepts such as segmentation, permanent recruitment and the PERFORM system. By Performing we earn the right to invest in our Transformation and New Ventures.

Quote from Nicole Burth Quote from Nicole Burth

“We intended to create and embed a culture of outperformance across the organisation.”

Nicole Burth,
Country Head, The Adecco Group Switzerland

Country Head The Adecco Group Switzerland, Nicole Burth, explains how Perform is the foundation for the successful implementation of our strategy.

What have been the key drivers of outperformance in Switzerland in 2018?

The 2018 performance is the outcome of changes made as far back as 2016. That was when we first deployed segmentation in Switzerland. It meant moving large customer activities out of the branches – to be delivered as either onsite solutions or from “hub-sites” – leaving the branches to focus primarily on retail (SME) clients. Doing so has two clear benefits. First, it allows our consultants to become specialised, which leads to a more tailored and improved customer service. Second, it means we have the right cost-to-serve for each segment, to achieve appropriate returns.

Once we have segmented the client base we can deploy CCPM (Candidate and Client Portfolio Management), which provides a framework for managing the client and candidate pipeline and portfolio, with clear goals and activity KPIs specific to each segment. This in turn allows for a much more structured and data-driven approach to the performance management of our salespeople and recruiters, meaning we can learn from our top performers and intervene earlier to support colleagues who are underperforming. Moving from unspecialised roles in full-service branches to a segmented approach with CCPM is a major change management exercise. We finished mid-2017 and really started to see the benefits in 2018, with organic growth accelerating and our retail business outperforming.

Another key driver of performance has been an increased sophistication in our pricing policies. In Switzerland the unemployment rate is low and sourcing candidates can be a challenge. It is therefore important that our pricing reflects the extra work that our consultants do, and the value being delivered. During 2018, we rolled out a pricing module in our front-office tool that considers multiple variables and historical data to propose an appropriate price for a given placement, which supported an improvement in gross margin.

We have also been successful in diversifying outside of traditional temporary staffing solutions, particularly into outsourcing. Many clients are looking for full human capital solutions, which can mean taking over the entirety of a labour intensive aspect of a their operations. We can help clients scale faster than they otherwise could, ensuring that availability of qualified people is not a constraint.

With innovate, we are building businesses in attractive adjacent markets…

…capturing new opportunities in high-growth, high-margin segments. We intend to be the digital leader in our industry, disrupting it from the inside by bringing together the best of HR solutions with the best of tech. We do this by leveraging our domain knowledge, data, B2B distribution capabilities, and partnering with leaders in technology.

Quote form Ernesto Lamaina Quote form Ernesto Lamaina

“Providing our candidates and clients with a great user experience is our primary focus.”

Ernesto Lamaina,
Founder and CEO of Adia

Founder and CEO of Adia, Ernesto Lamaina, describes the Adecco Group’s exciting programme of innovation and new ventures.

How is the Adia model different?

Instead of trying to replicate an offline staffing experience in an online format, we started from the user experience perspective and asked: if I was a client or candidate, what would I want and expect? Everyone has these great online experiences as consumers that so often are not replicated in the B2B space. We wanted to change that.

The full user journey is designed to optimise the user experience of our workers and clients. Workers are able to handle their entire staffing experience using their smartphones: creating a profile, picking up shifts, getting paid become very simple and intuitive activities that can be done anytime and anywhere. Clients are able to book workers at a time that is convenient for them, using their smartphone or laptops, rather than being dependent on office opening hours. They have full control and transparency over their orders.

We are delivering 10x improvements for users. For example, our candidate onboarding in the US takes two minutes, compared to 25-30 minutes for a traditional staffing business. We have been able to streamline the process and then optimise it using technology. And these kinds of gains are important because otherwise you will have candidates dropping out of the enrolment when they didn’t have time to complete it or they lost interest. On the client side, it takes less than one minute to create your first order, and we then will make suggestions for future orders, moving closer to a 'one-click' experience. We can see that this has a positive impact on our standing with workers and clients, achieving Net Promoter Scores that are consistently higher than traditional staffing businesses, averaging between 30-50 points.

We also have a differentiated offering compared to other online staffing businesses. Many of these start-ups offer “search and match” only, whereas we offer a full temporary staffing solution. Many also only focus on a single vertical, which means fewer opportunities for workers. And we have market-leading technology, which is evidenced by our app store ratings, which are the highest in the sector.

Transform describes how we are strengthening our core businesses…

…driving growth by enhancing client and candidate experiences, and expanding into new segments. We are also transforming our cost structure, improving productivity, by leveraging technology and digital solutions.

Quote from Christophe Catoir Quote from Christophe Catoir

“Everything we do should be focused on the creation of additional value for customers.”

Christophe Catoir,
Regional Head of France

Regional Head of France, Christophe Catoir, provides a detailed insight into our plans for ‘Transform’ and GrowTogether.

How are you leveraging digital in the roll-out of GrowTogether in France?

The digital agenda of GrowTogether is focused on three key areas: sales effectiveness, recruiting efficiency and middle- and back-office process optimisation. These are the core activities on which our colleagues spend the most time and where we can unlock the biggest productivity improvements through technology.

Addressing recruiting efficiency and administration, France has pioneered a new candidate mobile app, Adecco & Moi. It allows associates to manage their availability, search for and accept jobs, and handle the majority of administrative tasks. More than 150,000 candidates use the app every month, freeing up time for our colleagues and at the same time being more convenient for the candidates. The pilot in France is now providing the basis for a global roll-out.

We also launched a client portal, Mon Agence en Ligne, to improve sales effectiveness. Customers can place orders 24/7, rather than being constrained by branch business hours.

And in our middle- and back-office, we are in the process of digitising the more than 30 million hard-copies of documents that we issue every year, reducing administration and printing costs. By the end of 2018 we had digitised more than 20 million.

Digital initiatives also include: AI chatbots, to perform initial candidate screening; workforce scheduling tools that improve fill rates and increase efficiency; and data analytics to improve our sales processes.